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The TiBert le voyageur interactive online web site was created to assist teachers and students in learning about the challenges and the joys of being a traditional Canadian voyageur.

The web site contains a teacher’s manual, a student activity section, free downloads, and an e-boutique that will provide teachers and students with all the practical, in-classroom tools to experience life in Canada during the fur trade.

Each lesson plan includes a Theme, Learning Objectives, a variety of individual and group In-class Activities, Curricular Objectives, Suggested Questions, Additional Project Ideas, activities related to Literacy and Communication and Additional Resources and Links.


I, Robert Malo, am TiBert.

Because of my interest in Canadian history, because of my experience as an educational interpreter and because of my passion for the Franco-Manitoban culture, it seems natural for me to enhance the image of a traditional voyageur character as an image of a hero and champion. My Canadian ancestors, those travelers, those brave men, were known for their perseverance in the most difficult times and for a zest for life, the ‘joie de vivre!’, like no other before them.

Having worked as an interpreter in the Fort Gibraltar at the Festival du Voyageur and at the Manitoba Museum for several years I have had the opportunity to share my own ‘joie de vivre’ with visitors from every corner of the globe.  As a result, I decided to share TiBert and his stories with a wider audience.  The graphic novel concept and the ensuing online interactive web site were clear choices.

My main objective is to share TiBert first and foremost with schools children.  I would like TiBert to become an important part of Canadian educators’ lesson plans especially when they are teaching the history of the fur trade in their classrooms or if they want to use an innovative, practical method of teaching language, literacy and communication in the French curricula.


DOWNLOAD : TiBert – School Brochure

Or visit: TiBertlevoyageur.com or RobMalo.com


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